Find the joy in healthy living!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to get into your best shape, but you feel frustrated and confused by the overload of advice you find at every corner.
  • You want to improve your nutrition and exercise habits and take control of your health, but you can't seem to follow through and reach your goals. 
  • You get tired of feeling the pressure to look a certain way or maintain a certain image, when what you really want is to be a happy, healthy person. 
  • You're ready to leave restrictive dieting and all-or-nothing thinking behind and make healthy living an integral part of who you are.  

If so, I want to help! As your health coach, I will help you define a clear vision of your happy, healthy life and set goals to get you there. We'll design a personalized plan to help you eat, move and live better.  Because building healthy habits is a process, I am offering three-month, six-month and one-year coaching packages. We'll work together to make lasting changes and build your healthiest life!

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What to expect

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Free consultation

This is your first step! In this 15 minute video conference or phone call, we will chat about your goals and decide if health coaching is right for you. This will be done through the Healthie platform. You can book directly from this page or contact me to set an appointment.

initial appointment

At the initial appointment, we will create your personal health vision, including plans for nutrition and physical activity. We will set behavioral goals in each area and set expectations for accountability. We will also review your health questionnaire, which you will complete before the appointment, and address any individual needs for education or guidance. 

follow up session

We will meet approximately monthly for a follow up session. This will be our time to touch base, reevaluate and adjust goals as needed. We will identify any obstacles that have arisen and brainstorm solutions. Each coaching plan includes 30 minute sessions. These can be changed to two 15 minute sessions as needed. 

contact through Healthie platform

The Healthie platform provides a way to have ongoing daily contact between you and your coach. You can record progress, track goals and even post selfies and food pics in your Healthie journal. It's simple, If you can use Facebook or Instagram, you will have no trouble with Healthie. Don't worry, though, it is a private feed visible only to you and me. We will also hold our virtual appointments through Healthie, which is a HIPAA compliant, secure platform.

ongoing support

Scheduled appointments are the times set aside for us to meet and discuss your progress. Between those appointments, I will review your journal and give feedback at least twice weekly. I'll also give "nudges" as needed. You can email or text me through the Healthie app with any questions or concerns at any time, and I'll answer as soon as possible during business hours. My hope is that you can always feel my ongoing support on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

What I expect from you

No matter what I have to offer, you will be the most important person in this partnership.

 I will expect you to:

  •  Keep your appointments or reschedule in a timely manner
  • Be on time
  • Fill out forms before the first appointment
  • Check in to Healthie on a regular basis 
  • Give your best effort to make your health a top priority in your busy schedule!

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