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About andrea


Hi, I'm Andrea Poole, a Registered Dietitian, an ACSM Exercise Physiologist, an ACE certified Health Coach, but most of all, a woman with a lifelong striving to live a balanced, healthy life!

As a young mom over 20 years ago, I discovered the joy of exercise and healthy eating. I loved it so much, I went back to school and earned a bachelor's degree in exercise science and then a master's degree in nutrition. I went on to complete a dietetic internship and became a registered dietitian in 2013. 

I currently work with Kelli Worley at Nutrition Solutions in Beaumont, Texas. We offer nutrition services to help with weight and health management, as well as bariatric nutrition education. I accept Cigna, BCBS, and United Healthcare insurance for in-office visits. I am excited to now offer health coaching services through the Healthie platform and app.

What is a health coach?

 Making lifestyle changes is not always as easy as it sounds. Most of us know the basics of what we should do, but putting it all together can be overwhelming. This is where a health coach can help.

A health coach is a mentor and collaborator who can help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. Ideally, a health coach is an educated, credentialed professional who provides expert guidance and support to increase physical activity, develop healthy eating patterns and integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle. A health coach will help you create your own health vision, set goals and overcome obstacles to reach your health potential. While weight loss or weight management can certainly be a goal on your path to better health, it is not the only measurement of health and does not have to be a focus of health coaching. 

A health coach does not just "tell you what to do" or set goals for you. Rather, a health coach will work with you to find solutions and motivation to build your healthiest life.

Accept progress * Accentuate the positive * abundance perspective

The "AP" in "AP Health Coaching" is for my initials. I admit, it's not the most creative name I could have come up with. However, it also stands for three key aspects of my own health philosophy: 

Accept Progress: Simply put, you don't have to be perfect. Do your best to be a little better and accept the progress you make along the way. You will be so much happier when you give yourself room to grow and lose the "all or nothing" school of thought.

Accentuate the Positive: Yes, making changes is hard, but it is also rewarding and exciting and sometimes even fun. Look for joy in the journey, and you will find it. A positive attitude will help you stay on the path and overcome any obstacles that get in your way.

Abundance Perspective: Notice the abundance all around you. So often we think of healthy living in terms of restrictions--shoulds and should-nots. My family would tell you that I've even been known to say that sometimes life is a series of doing things you don't feel like doing. I definitely have days when I feel that way. But, when I think about all the things my body can do and all the wonderful foods I can eat, I can only be grateful for the abundance of good things and opportunities in my life. I believe that an abundance perspective helps us to set goals that will move us to a happier, healthier life.